Bookkeeper+ Program

Is your bookkeeper or Tax preparer helping you understand the financial side of your business?


This program was created after interviewing over 232+ small business owners because almost all of them had the same issues.


Their bookkeeper nor tax preparer was actually helping the business owners connect the dots between what was happening operationally and what was happening financially in their business.


Here are some of the most common concerns we heard:


· "I feel like my team and I are working hard and doing the right things but I am not seeing the profit or understand where the money is going"


· "My bank account feels like a revolving door, money is coming in and just pouring back out and I don’t know how to fix it".


· "I feel like I am having to put too much of my own money in the business just to keep it afloat".


· "I don’t know if this is an expense problem or a pricing problem but something needs to change".


· "I know that I should be looking at my numbers regularly but I just don’t have time to do that and run the business".


· "It feels like I’m growing and working harder but my bank accounts are getting smaller".


· "I know my business can grow but I am not sure how to finance it"


· "My bookkeeper sends me reports but I really don’t know what I should be doing with these and they aren't helping me figure it out".


· My taxes are always a surprise every year and I and nervous because I don’t know what to expect.


The Bookkeeper+ Program is designed to address these issues for small businesses and we are uniquely positioned to help.


By working with our team of bookkeepers, Certified Public Accountants, former Fortune 500, and startup business executives you will be able to address these types of issues in your business and feel more confident that you are moving in the right direction.


"When the pandemic hit our sales declined by 20% and I was worried, but after working with the TLTurner Group we stopped the bleeding and got a strategy that allowed us to see sales grow by 40%".

Jeffery Lampkin / Country Boy Kitchen

"Our last tax preparer did their job but left us in the dark until the very end, but working with the TLTurner Group felt different, they took time to explain things and help us understand what was happening so we were not surprised with a tax bill at year-end".

Jennifer White  / MJW Group

"I was working harder every year but felt like my finances were going backward and debts were building, but working with the TLTurner Group helped me put strategies in place to understand where my problems were and start reducing the business debts. In fact, we actually reduce business debt and grew our revenues during the pandemic".

Jovan Henderson  / Pelican SnowBall Franchise Owner

"I have been working in my business off an on for 13 years but something always seemed missing, after working with the TLTurner Group I immediately realized what the missing pieces were and now we are in the best position that we have ever been in and on the verge of closing some of the biggest business deals ever".

Yaba Baker  / Author, Just Like Me