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Our Vision

Expect the Unexpected.


The TLTurner Group Makes Accounting and Finance Less Complicated for Your Business.

Why Us

It sounds simple because it is. The TLTurner Group brings an in-depth perspective on how you can take the challenges of your business and translate them into success. 


Our perspective comes from working for a Big 4 global accounting firm, multiple Fortune 500 companies, and three international tech-growth companies. We have served as finance leaders, controllers, and finance executives, and have guided the financial strategy of million- and billion-dollar businesses.


We’re taking this experience, gleaned from the daily operations of many of the world’s leading companies, to help small- and medium-sized businesses succeed. We know that, even if your business is small, your dreams are huge. Our record of accomplishment underscores why you can trust us with those dreams.


Among our achievements:

  • Creating investor relation decks and providing C-suite support for a $15-billion, publicly-traded company;

  • Developing financial models to support businesses, ranging from $40 million to $6.5 billion in revenue​;

  • Leading a $758-million collective of business units to achieve a 33 percent year-on-year growth;

  • Managing capital spending budgets of $100 million-plus in annual funding; 

  • Designing strategies for a $65 million business unit to achieve 27 percent year-on-year growth; 

  • Providing finance leadership in negotiating $20 million-plus in military contracts;

  • Ensuring due diligence assessments for multiple Merger and Acquisition projects, ranging from $500,000 to $22 million in valuation;

  • Designing internal reporting structures and procedures to support multinational growth strategies;

  • Setting up an accounting Center of Excellence to support international operations;

  • Establishing finance for non-finance professional training programs;

Overseeing the work transition of operations moving from the United States to multiple countries in Asia.


Our experience covers a wide range of finance and accounting services. We are ready to bring put this experience – and our expertise -- to work for you. ​


Lola Turner

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I bring focus to your picture. I help you feel empowered and in control of your business. I make sure you have a clear understanding of what it will take to make your business a success, and I’ll provide you with the proper tools and resources to make informed decisions. I’m fluent in four languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Swahili). This enables me to make an even bigger impact when helping clients navigate international borders and cultures.


Terrell A Turner

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Hi, I’m Terrell. I’m the guy who’s concerned about how businesses are going to survive and grow in this new business world. I host a show, called Business Talk Library, which examines a wide range of problems and solutions affecting business today. I use my experience from Fortune 500 companies to consult with start-up businesses and mid-size companies.  It’s my job to start the conversation on what your goals are. Together, we’ll design a course of action to achieve them.